Introducing The Roof Rover™ Robotic Inspection System

The Roof Rover™ Robotic Inspection System is a new and revolutionary robotic platform that aims to, one day, virtually replace any need for today's dangerous and costly 'rope and ladder team' methods of roof inspection and damage assessment.

The Roof Rover™ performs a comprehensive roof scan using state-of-the-art wireless control technology. The patent-pending design enables the unit to maneuver up to a 15-pitch asphalt roof, while presenting the operator with a real-time high-definition image from the Roof Rover's point of view.

The full pan/zoom/tilt (PZT) capability of the camera system allows detailed viewing and analysis of roof structures so minute that it rivals even a human's ability to discern damage and wear, all while streaming the entire inspection session to the control computer's storage for later review, analysis and presentation to the homeowner and/or insurance company. The system even features the ability to take and store stillshots of areas of particular interest during the session.

The result... A detailed, undisputable record of a homeowner's roof condition, free of questions regarding subjectivity, unintentional damage caused by inspectors climbing around on the roof, and even fraud resulting from unscrupulous inspectors intentionally damaging the roof surface in order to get the roof 'sold' to the insurance company.



  • More roof inspections per day
  • Requires only a single inspector/adjuster
  • Enables monitoring of workforce
  • Keeps inspector/adjuster off the roof, thereby minimizing or eliminating subsequent damage
  • Timestamped video and images for accurate association of inspection to time/date/location
  • Provides pitch data for use by online roof imaging and estimation systems such as Xactimate™
  • Eliminates fraud caused by unscrupulous inspectors intentionally damaging roof
  • Functions even on damp roofs

Detailed Description

The Roof Rover™ Robotic Platform consists of a rugged tank-like main-body fitted with a high-resolution pan/tilt/zoom camera for unbelievable video capture of the most minute roof details, an array of side, forward, rearward and downward-looking ultra-sonic sensors that protect the platform from collisions and falls, controlled by a custom-designed high-performance on-board computer and connected to the outside world through a high-output power wireless network router.

The Control System

The Windows™ 7 - based tablet PC sold with the system comes preconfigured with the patent-pending operator control system software that connects to the wireless access-point on the robot and allows precision drive-control, displays detailed telemetry such as real-time pitch, roll and compass heading, real-time high-resolution image streaming, control over camera parameters such as pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, allows the configuration of job information, including the storing of recorded video and jpg-formatted stillshots all packaged and stored as a single customer-specific job fileset.

For those needing to perform roof measurements, the Roof Rover™ has a set of high-precision optical encoders integrated into the drive-train system. These encoders function as digital tape measures, and, at the click of a button on the user-interface, can measure distances travelled by the robot down to fractions of an inch.

The Transporter™ System

Easily assembled in 4-foot light-weight extruded aluminum sections, the patent-pending Transporter™ system easily deploys the Roof Rover™ onto the surface of any roof up to 15-pitch and up to 30' high. Once elevated, simply drive the Roof Rover™ out the gate of the Transporter™ basket and you are on your way!

When you are finished with your roof inspection, simply drive the Roof Rover™ back into the basket and watch the front gate close as you reel the basket back down using either the supplied hand-crank or your own standard power drill drive. It's just that easy!

Take a look at the Roof Rover™ Robotic Inspection System in action:


You may ask: "Can I just buy one of these systems and get to it?"

After a bit of training and practice you'll find the Roof Rover™ is not only innovative, but responsive and intuitive to pilot as well! The Roof Rover™ system, like any non-trivial tool, requires some training - and that's what you get from Tobor Technology. Our primary interest is that you get the most from your Roof Rover™ and that means being well-versed on all the features, details and techniques associated with operating a sophisticated device like the Roof Rover™. Although dedicated training sessions are available at ANY time for a nominal fee, the following instructional videos should go a long way to getting you started:



So, what comes with the Roof Rover™ system?

Every system comes complete and ready to go to work, including:

  • Roof Rover™ Robot
  • Windows™ 8.1 Tablet PC with control system software preinstalled
  • Our exclusive patent-pending extendible Transporter™ system for lifting the Roof Rover™ onto roofs without the need for any ladders or dangerous climbing or lifting
  • Elevator carry-bag
  • Rugged, hard-sided transport case (carries all but the Transporter™ system)
  • System joystick control console
  • Maintenance and sales pack containing sales brochures, tool kit, batteries, battery charger, extra treads


Want to know more?

For a limited time, Tobor Technology is offering customers fantastic deals on the new Roof Rover™ Robotic Inspection System. Simply contact us at the number below and we will be glad to provide you with a detailed quotation and will answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Please note that we are a small company comprised of engineers, roof-inspectors, and ordinary people who have no interest in high-pressure sales - so - fear not - when you contact us, you will always be treated with courtesy and we will do everything in our power to actually help you increase your margins and cash flow, while lowering the risks associate with climbing around on rooftops by answering your questions and providing you with the best quality product for the lowest possible price!


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